This Is Cat’s First Realization That He’ll Have A Baby Brother

This adorable kitten named Mingy’s life is about to get a whole lot more exciting. Mel Kappuccino, Mingy’s mother, is expecting her first (human) kid, which means Mingy will soon have an elder brother. He only recently learned about it. Kappuccino, who is reaching the end of her second trimester, […]

Family Shocked To Find Giant Bear Has Moved In Under Their House

In early November, a family in Lake Tahoe, California, was going about their day when suddenly they heard some strange, loud noises coming from the crawl space below their house. After listening closely and looking around outside, they determined there was a very, very large animal under there — most […]

The Pics Of The Little Rescued Owl Getting A Bath Are Very Lovely

Morepork, a little owl, was just brought to the Massey Wildbase animal hospital in New Zealand. The little bird had a minor skin ailment that irritated him. Fortunately for the bird, it was a simple problem to solve; all he needed was a wash and he was fine. Everything shows […]

Only In Her Duck Costume Does A Rescue Goat With Anxiety Calm Down

It all started when Leanne Lauricella went Halloween shopping at Marshalls. She was walking down the aisles when she came across a child’s duck costume with a large orange beak and two webbed feet. Lauricella is the founder of Goats of Anarchy, a goat rescue organization in New Jersey. She […]

This Is Leo, An Earless Rabbit That Has a Happy Life Now- She Looks Like A Tiny Lion

Meet Leo, this cute rabbit that really looks like she is a little lion. Leo’s owner said that she is so beautiful and she loves her so much. “She’s just beautiful. We called her Leo because she just looks like a wee mini lion,” Clarke said. Leo was born 6 […]

This Adorable Dog-Sized Rescue Rabbit Is Looking For A New Home

Both the words “continental” and “Atlas” suit this dog-sized rabbit who was recently put up for adoption with the Scottish SPCA. The 7-month-old giant continental rabbit, who as an adult might weigh more than 7kg or 15lb, is in desperate need of a home. Help him, Pandas…you’re his only hope! […]

Couple Adopts ‘Saddest Cat’ In The World Nobody Wanted, Here’s How Kitty Transformed In One Hour

Meet BenBen, the saddest cat on the Internet. The kittie was spending his miserable days at an animal shelter scheduled to be euthanized. He had a crushed spine, several deep lacerations, and a cauliflower ear. Some big animals must have attacked BenBen. He has excess skin on his face, which […]

A Stray Cat Brings Her Entire Litter To See The Woman Who Helped Her

One summer day, Lisianne was out in her yard when she noticed a fluffy black cat roaming around close. She set out a dish of food and water for the cat, who belonged to a colony of stray cats near her home in Québec, Canada, and appeared hungry. Lisianne called […]

When A Cat Was About To Be Put Down, A Vet Tech Decided To Adopt Him Instead

BenBen the cat suffered puncture wounds, a cauliflower ear, and a broken spine when he was discovered walking through the streets as a stray. He was in a bad way, and his prospects didn’t appear promising. BenBen was discovered by a BCSPCA officer, and because to his condition, he was […]

After Being Found, A Little Cat With Huge Eyes Has The Time Of His Life

In a veterinarian facility in Las Vegas, Nevada, a tiny kitten with large eyes was seen (United States). She was found alone, suffering from a brain injury and in critical condition. She was very emaciated and dehydrated, and she couldn’t even elevate her head. She was around nine weeks old […]